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Tuesday - Friday

Appointments are available up to two weeks in advance.

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Closed for piercings 3/25 due to illness.

Please note that Saturdays tend to be busier and there may be a wait.

Please read the state identification requirements before scheduling.

Piercing ages 10 years and older.



Currently piercing ages 10 and older.



Being a body piercer I am lucky to meet a variety of interesting people. I really care for others and I pride myself in giving my clients a great piercing and experience. The art of piercing is a passion of mine, I have been fascinated with it since the first time I saw one. Body piercing has come a long way since then and has grown immensely in popularity and acceptance. I value individuality and personal expression and believe that piercings are a great way to reflect that. I have included some of my piercing pictures below.

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