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Hello my name is Jamie Weber and I am a licensed body piercing technician in the state of MN. My goal in creating Fraidy Cats' is to give my clients a great service in a clean, comfortable, welcoming environment, by a knowledgeable and caring piercer. I look to provide a great experience while also helping my clients understand more about their piercings, body jewelry, & healing process. I learned to pierce professionally in 2001, and I'm certified in Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid, and CPR. 


Temporarily closed for business while I relocate to a new location.

I will post updates here under shop updates. 


The state establishment license was approved! The building, electrical, and plumbing are finished and have been inspected. Continuing to work on the flooring. Then it's adding final finishings, bringing in the furniture, and setting it all up. It's looking like Fraidy Cats will be open for business in February! I will update again as things progress.


I appreciate everyone's patience during the relocation. My knee is healing from meniscus tear repair surgery in June and my heart is healing from the recent loss of a parent in October. I continue to take steps in moving ahead and look forward to opening. I know serving my clients again will be the sweet in the bittersweet that life can sometimes be. Thank you again for your patience.. - Jamie

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Temporarily closed for relocation.

Please see shop updates above for more information.



Coming Soon!

Please see shop updates above for more information.


887 Smith Ave S

West St. Paul, MN




Jamie Weber

Body Piercer - Owner

The business phone is off during re-location. Please direct all questions to my email.




Being a body piercer I am lucky to meet a variety of interesting people. I really care for others and I pride myself in giving my clients a great piercing and experience. The art of piercing is a passion of mine, I have been fascinated with it since the first time I saw one. Body piercing has come a long way since then and has grown immensely in popularity and acceptance. I value individuality and personal expression and believe that piercings are a great way to reflect that. I have included some of my piercing pictures below.

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