State ID Requirements

Bring required identification to your appointment!

The State of MN requires all piercing establishments in the state to adhere to specific identification requirements. If you can't provide the required identification at the time of your appointment I cannot legally pierce and your appointment will have to be cancelled. Piercing services are available for adults 18 and older and minors ages 13-17.  At this time I am not offering services for children 12 years or younger. I apologize for any inconvenience.


Adults 18 Years & Older

1. Must provide a valid Drivers license, Passport, Military ID card, or Tribal ID card.

Minors 13 - 17 Years

1. State law requires the custodial parent or guardian to be present during the procedure

2. Both parent and minor child need to provide all required identification before booking an appointment, you may do this through email or in person. I check ID's prior to the appointment to avoid the issue of incorrect ID's and subsequent appointment cancellation. 

3. The parent needs a valid picture ID (Drivers license, Passport, Military ID card, or Tribal ID card).

4. The minor child must provide their birth certificate along with their valid picture ID (Permit, Drivers license, Passport, Military ID card, Tribal ID card or School picture ID).

5. Last names must match. If they don't you will need to show the name change with a marriage certificate or divorce decree.