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The identification requirements listed below are state law. 

No Identification, No Piercing, No Exceptions.


1. You must provide a valid State ID, Drivers license, Passport, Tribal ID, or Military ID.

MINORS 9 - 17

1. State law requires the custodial parent or guardian to be present during the procedure. 


2. The parent must provide their Valid Picture ID.  Accepted forms of ID include Drivers License, Passport, Tribal ID, or Military ID.

3. Minors must provide their birth certificate AND their valid picture ID. Accepted forms of picture ID include a Passport, State ID, Drivers Permit, Drivers License, Tribal ID, Military ID, or School picture ID.

4. Parent and minor child's last names must match. If they don't match you will need to show the name change with a marriage certificate or divorce decree. For guardians of minors certified guardianship papers are required.

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