Fraidy Cats' is re-opening!

Wednesday, December 2nd at Port & Starboard Tattoo in St. Paul, MN.

Read below before booking an appointment.


Fraidy Cats' has moved to a new location!

The new location is inside Port & Starboard Tattoo in St. Paul, MN. Across the street from Magnolia's Restaurant.


All services are by appointment only.

All piercings, jewelry changes, and jewelry purchases are by appointment only. Piercing appointments are taken on this page up to a week in advance. No deposit is required to make an appointment. All appointments are booked for 1 hour. You may get up to 3 additional piercings or jewelry changes during your appointment. One appointmnet per person per day. If you would like a jewelry change or to purchase jewelry without getting a piercing please email me to set up a time. When you arrive for your appointment text that you have arrived to the shop number. Please wait in your car, at your piercing appointment time I will call you to come inside.

Don't make an appointment if you aren't feeling well.

If you or someone you know is not feeling well please make an appointment when you are feeling better.

You must be 18 or older to make the appointment.

Parents must make appointments for their minor child. Piercing services are offered for those 15 years and older. 

Bring the state required identification to your appointment!

You cannot get your piercing without the required identification. This is state law. There are no exceptions. Please read the state id requirements listed below before making an appointment.


18 Years & Older

1. Must provide a valid Drivers license, Passport, Military ID card, or Tribal ID card.

15 - 17 Years Old

1. Parent or Legal Guardian must be present.

2. Parent must provide their valid drivers license, passport, military ID card,  or tribal ID card.

3. The minor child must provide their drivers license, passport, military ID card, tribal ID card, or       a certified birth certificate (no copies) AND a school picture ID.

4. Last names and address must match on the minor & parent or guardians ID. If these do not match you need to provide legal guardianship papers, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc reflecting the name change.

Only one person per appointment allowed inside.

An exception is made for minors who must be accompanied by one custodial parent.

Masks are required.

While inside you must wear a mask that covers both your nose and mouth at all times.

Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Upon entering the studio you will be given hand sanitizer. Please avoid touching your mask, phone, or surfaces within the studio.

No under mask piercings or jewelry changes.

There will be no nostril or oral piercings or jewelry changes until further notice.

Most piercings are $69 or less with your piercing and jewelry.

Piercings include basic internally threaded or threadless implant grade titanium jewelry.

Scheduled piercing days.

Appointments are available Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 12pm - 7pm.

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