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Piercings heal in stages and it takes around one full year to get through these stages. You may progress in your healing and then your healing may regress at times depending on what you do and don't do during this first year. To heal, your body will form new skin cells inside your piercing to create a skin tube called a fistula. During the first year the cells inside and around the edges are extremely delicate. The longer you have your piercing the thicker and stronger these skin cells become. Each piercing has its own healing timeline and each person heals differently. 


Think of your piercing as a wound with a foreign object in it. You want your body to adapt to and heal around this foreign object. When metal and skin compete, metal always wins. Help your body accept this new jewelry by being as gentle as possible, consistently following your aftercare routine every day during the first year, even if it is looking and feeling good. 

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